Saturday, May 03, 2008


Cry me a river...

okay, I'm writing this in the heat of the moment but I have to voice some disgust.
Wah, wah, wah Junior nation.
The whole postrace thing tonight made me laugh.

First of all, it was one of those racing deals.
Mind you, I have NEVER been on the Kyle Busch bandwagon. Infact, I tend to think the guys a jackass but I don't blame him for that wreck. Happens ALL the time at Richmond and that's why we all love going there. The drivers love it and we love it. It sure as hell beats all the cookie cutter snooze fests we normally have to tolerate.
So the next thing I see on the screen is some big meathead from Jr's pitcrew in Busch's face.
What the heck was he doing? I could beat up Shrub easily myself so they send over a guy whose about 6'5" to give him shit?
That's brave.

Then they interview Junior.
I'm sorry but I have no sypathy for poor, sad, multi-millionaires.
When was the last time Ken Schrader won? Or Bobby Labonte? Or Paul Menard? Or Scott Riggs?
Give me a freaking break.
There are guys out there who haven't had a win in a longer time than Junior.
Here's something to think about...maybe it's NOT the equipment after all!

Now before you start thinking I hate Junior; you're wrong. I don't.
There are drivers on the track tonight who aren't even sure they'll have a ride in a few months...his little "no win" streak isn't THAT freakin bad.
He's still selling tons of merch, fans are still stalking him and he's making millions.
Win or no win, life for him is not even CLOSE to that bad.
Boo, hoo, hoo.
Maybe Kleenex should sponsor him.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Bring on the Michelin Man!

Even if you don't like Tony Stewart or, like me, don't necessarily agree with what comes out of his yap-yap mouth sometimes; you have to admit that he's always good for stirring up talk and controversy! (hence why he doesn't drive for Roush, he actually HAS a personality)
Post-race yesterday Tony took on those nasty "Good"year tires and the people who make 'em.
“That was the most pathetic excuse for a racing tire I’ve ever been on in my professional career!”
“They exited out of Formula One, they exited out of the IRL, they exited out of the World of Outlaws, and there’s a reason for that and it’s that Goodyear can’t build a tire worth a darn. (although I could've sworn he said damn)
If I were Goodyear, I would be really embarrassed about this weekend and what they brought us. How we got to second, I don’t know."
“If they can’t do any better than that, they ought to exit the sport and save us a lot of headaches. I guarantee you Hoosier, Firestone or somebody else could come in a do a much better job right now.”

I could never understand why NASCAR needs to be exclusive to one tire manufacturer anyway. Teams should be able to use the tire they like, as long as they're within NASCAR's guidelines. Who cares what manufacturer's name is on it??
Must have something do with money filling Brian's pockets....what does he care if he doesn't have to be behind the wheel?

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Viva...las cheaters

Step away from the belt sir...'s the deal.
I like Carl Edwards.
Sometimes, his "oh I'm just happy to be here" demeanor gets a little old but it doesn't strike me as fake. (ala Eskwatch Sadler)
And let's face facts, the guy is ripped and it's nice to have some athletic eye candy out there.

Those issues aside,...I still don't think NASCAR is stepping up as much as they could as far as race winners failing post-race inspection.
They're not consistant. Fair,...yeah, they're getting there but it seems as if they consider who the driver and the team is before dolling out their fines, suspensions, blah, blah, blah.
To me, if you fail post-race don't win.
Take away the "trophy", take away the stat. To me, Carl has only won one race this year so far. But what do his stats say? Does it say two? If it does, it shouldn't.
I'm just glad they FINALLY took the 10 bonus points away.

On to another subject. Are there seriously that many Robby Gordon fans?!
People actually signed a petition for that idiot?
Wait,...ya know, I'll bet you anything they offered free bottles of Beam to get folks to do it.

Me and my co-hort met some dudes pimping his sponsors product two years ago and, I'll admit...they have cool gear. But everytime I wear the freebie t-shirt I got people ask me "Do you really like RObby Gordon?!?!" AHHHhhhh...I have to take a brillo-pad to his name. It's getting freakin embarrassing!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Nice guys and non-Hendrick cars CAN finish first!

After last years Daytona debacle, it's feels SO good to start the season on a high note.

Personally, I set my DVR to pause so I could fast forward through all the pre-race festivities.
I'm sorry, I just don't enjoy the onslaught of usually talentless hacks.
Although it's nice to see that NASCAR is finally catching on to what performers the fans want to see. (but Chubby Checker???)

Back to the race; in my opinion it was one of the most exciting I've seen in a LONG time. It was great to see it not turn into the usual 3-wide racing parking lot game of follow-the-leader.
You just can't drive those COT's like that.

And is it me or does Montoya seem to spin out at LEAST one car a race?
I'm just not a fan of that fuzzy little foreigner.

And the We couldn't be happier!!
We here at The Lodge LOVE Ryan Newman.
He's a nice guy, he's smart, he loves animals and anyone who can tolerate that lunk-head Keebler as a teamate HAS to be a saint!
But our hats are off to Keebler today because if it weren't for him, Ryan wouldn't have crossed the finish line first.
So...for once we say (gulp); nice job Kurt..and thanks.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Pic of the Weekend

Obviously Bootie isn't a person you want to interrupt when he's talking shop with the 2-time champ.
Doesn't he just have that "What the fuck do you want?!?!?" kind of snarl on his face?
(and the season hasn't even STARTED yet)
Feel free to leave your caption ideas in the comments field. I'll approve the good ones!

Saturday, February 09, 2008


They're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Thank God for DVR!
I had to work last night; while surfing the internet this morning I read the blurb about Tony and "Keebler" getting into it on the track last night. During PRACTICE of all things.

Needless to say I RAN to my TV and fast-forwarded through all the things I recorded off Speed Channel last night.
SWEET! I got it all on tape.

The NASCAR I've known and enjoyed (and missed) seems to be back.
Hopefully Brian "Vanilla Idiot" France will live up to his words and let the old-school style previal.

Granted, Keebler took a few liberties.
I'll say this though, Tony screwed up.
Maybe he got loose. Maybe he mis-judged the amount of room he had or when he should've let off...who can say. New car but a VERY experienced driver behind the wheel.
Still; that wreck was his fault.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing!
And as wrong as it was, I enjoyed every second of it.
That's what I'd pay money to see.

I don't want to see guys get hurt.
I don't want to see fans get hurt.
But I admit it; I'm torn on this whole "use your car as a weapon" deal.
As much as it made me equally entertained me.
And NASCAR is entertainment after all.

If this is a preview of what the season will be like...I'll be posting alot more than I did last year!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


But no caution flag

I've been looking for a picture that explains my frustration regarding the finish of Sunday's race and I FINALLY found one.

Seriously, I've been so angry that I couldn't even compose myself long enough to post on this blog about it. The more I wrote, the more pissed off I got.

So here it is...the PERFECT picture.


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